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This is an important part of the learner’s education and learners are expected to do it diligently. Work conditions at home should be conducive to study. Learners should have a desk with privacy, no noise and good light. Parents may assist by supervising, but should refrain from actually doing the homework or project. Homework should be done each day, Mondays to Thursdays as follows:

Grade 1 – 3 - 45 min
Grade 4 - 1 hour
Grade 5 - 1 hour
Grade 6 - 1½ hours
Grade 7 - l½ hours
LEARNERS MUST HAVE A HOMEWORK DIARY. A school diary is handed out to each learner at the beginning of each year (Grade 1-7) Learners must keep this up – to – date, and parents are asked to sign it daily when homework is completed. The Foundation Phase’s homework is an extension of what has been done in class. They will receive reading, dictionary skills (Gr3) phonics and Mathematics homework. (There is this general idea that learners do not get homework every day.)
(The actual situation is as follows): Learners in Grade 4 – 7 get homework in the Cultural subjects for the following week’s lesson. English, Afrikaans and Mathematics homework will be given daily but varies from day to day. Correspondence from school to parents and vice versa. Merits as well as demerits are recorded. The school rules are listed in the diary as well.

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