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Foundation Phase

These learners have continuous assessment and work throughout the year, especially in-Home language, First Additional Language, Mathematics and Life Skills. The general development and maturity level are also very important.

  • Life skills development
  • Social, personal, intellectual, emotional and physical growth of learners
Intermediate Phase

Learners will receive all schooling in their home language and we follow the national curriculum set out by the South African education department.

  • Evaluation subjects
  • 1st Additional Language.
  • Mathematics.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Natural Sciences / Technology.
Testing and Assessment

Learners in the Foundation Phase are continuously assessed during the year.
Learners from Grade 4 – Grade 6

Continuous Assessment

During the year tests and exams are written. Group work, Projects, class activities and homework activities are completed and the marks obtained count towards the final promotion mark.
Learners in Grade 7
Continuous Assessment is used for assessment as well as an exam at the end of the year.

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011 494 1057 / 011 042 8555
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