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Gold Reef Private School
  Education is Knowledge

2021 School Fee Structure

A Little More About us
Gold Reef Private School is a private, independent co-educational primary and high school in Ormonde, Johannesburg South.
We listen, we care, we respect, we aspire; we work together to create a happy learning community where resilient and confident students relish the opportunities and challenges that come their way. An inclusive school that all students, staff, parents and the community are proud to call ‘their school’.


The development of a creative and divergent thinker through: instilling curiosity and a thirst for knowledge; encouraging independent thought and the formulation of one’s own ideas and opinions; the mastery of conceptual skills appropriate to the learner’s stage of development; the acquisition of knowledge in a structured and systematic manner.

To develop the learner’s communication skills in order to build self-esteem and confidence in their interaction with others. To extend and consolidate effective communication skills. To provide frequent opportunities for the learner to interact with others.
Cultural Enrichment

To extend each learner’s knowledge and appreciation of his/her own culture and cultural heritage the cultures, faiths and beliefs of other people - the Arts

Our focus

Our focus is on ensuring that all young people in our care achieve their full potential academically and beyond.
To ensure that our learners achieve academic success we continually review our practice through the development of school improvement plans for each section of the school.
We pride ourselves with our academic results with an average of over 90% pass rate over the years across all the grades.
We always strive to give our learners all the assistance they need to learn and make the best for themselves.
We value hard work, discipline, integrity and respect.

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011 494 1057 / 011 042 8555
71 Akker Street,Xavier Reef Estate,
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